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Station Road, Padgate, Warrington, Cheshire, WA2 0QS
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Little Tiger Cubs is a groundbreaking exercise programme for children 3-5 years old. Our unique classes are the perfect way to prepare your child for school, equipping them with confidence and with the necessary life skills to help them achieve their potential. These tailored classes feature a variety of simple, fun, and engaging training exercises, loosely based on the teaching attributes of martial arts.

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Opening Times
Monday 16:15 - 18:00
Tuesday Closed -
Wednesday Closed -
Thursday Closed -
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  • Mats
  • Props
  • Body Guards
  • Boxing gloves
  • Practice Areas


  • Build your child's self confidence!
  • Children as young as 3 welcome.
  • Friendly, safe environment.
  • 25 Years of experience.

Each class has been designed to fit with the Curriculum for Excellence (Scotland) and the National Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (England & Wales).

Each class is filled with fun as a natural way of building self-confidence and expertise. Each child is encouraged to adopt a lifelong attitude of respecting others and maintaining a healthy self-esteem.

Our classes aim to harness a child’s natural desire to learn and create a stimulating environment to encourage each child to learn the necessary skills needed to become more independent.

Our classes encourage the development of both physical and social core skills and are suitable for children of all abilities.

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Little Tiger Cubs UKTC Taekwondo
5 My son, Jack, started in Little Tiger Cubs when he was 4. He progressed through Active Tigers and is now a green belt aged 7. After watching Jack do so well and gaining so much from his classes, my husband and I decided to take advantage of the free summer offer to train as a family. We both now enjoy taekwondo as much as Jack and are looking forward to going to our first grading. Our instructor, Mr Hamilton, is brilliant and without his encouragement, we might still be on the sidelines watching Jack. Now we all take part and have great fun at the same time!
Little Tiger Cubs UKTC Taekwondo
1 Went along for a trial lesson. The email said to turn up early, so we did. Not had a single introduction, nobody has come up and spoke to my daughter. She ended up too scared so we had to leave. She had no clue what was going on. So unprofessional. When you join a class and they see someone new, as our experience from other classes she has joined and still continues to attend, you go and ask their name etc make introductions tell them what it's about, asks if they want to join in. We had NOTHING. Very unimpressed and a waste of our Saturday!!
Little Tiger Cubs UKTC Taekwondo
5 I'm afraid to say that I've quit TKD this week. It's nothing personal towards the instructor Mr Clark. I just think it's because the classes are more aimed at the lower ranks coming up. We don't get to do much-advanced stuff including patterns. But one of the reasons I've left is that uktc don't seem to want to do much for us English, most seminars and all comps are based in Scotland. For the money, we pay we should get more things happening down here. Like I said, it's not the instructor but the way uktc run, it's not the best way compared to how other martial arts classes are run throughout the country.

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